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A complete picture of your data, driving better inventory pricing and operational efficiency

Benefit from Data-Driven Yield Management


Understand and Manage Sales Performance

Advanced reporting to evaluate sales performance and anticipate how much advertisers might pay for future impressions.


Earn More for Your Audience Data

Yieldex Analytics provides accurate inventory availability for all audiences to help you discover upsell opportunities.

Optimize Revenue

Deliver What You Sell and Reduce Make-Goods

Precisely monitor your campaigns in real time to identify under-delivery issues and optimize campaigns that have the most revenue at risk.

Accuracy In Forecasting With Pandora
AppNexus Summit 2015
Accuracy In Forecasting With Pandora

Dave Smith, VP, Monetization and Yield, Pandora presents at the AppNexus Summit 2015.

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Blog Post
Near-Perfect Pacing & A New Standard for Maximizing Publisher Revenue

For the first time, Yieldex forecasting is fully integrated with the delivery engine of the AppNexus Publisher Adserver…

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Blog Post
Blog Post
New, More Powerful Key/Value Targeting

For many of our pubs with a large direct selling business, it is crucial to be able to sell effectively against custom…

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White Paper
How Modern Data Analytics Improves Publisher Yield

In the early days of the internet, monetization was so simple that a publisher could run a multi-million dollar business…

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