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With AppNexus, publishers and broadcasters connect with premium video advertisers in a robust video marketplace

AppNexus offers publishers and broadcasters a world-class industry solution to power your video monetization needs, supporting both instream and outstream video units, as well as video header bidding. In addition, AppNexus brings full support for OTT, Connected TV, and premium live stream inventory.

The Industry's Leading Monetization Solution for Video


Package Your Video Inventory the Way You Want

Whether you want to connect with advertisers through Deals or the open marketplace, AppNexus allows advertisers to reach your audience the way you want, and through channels like desktop, mobile, or Connected TV.


Deliver the Best User Experience

With AppNexus, you can access the highest quality ads from the largest video buyers in the largest independent marketplace.


Partner with a Video Expert

AppNexus understands the core challenges of video production and works closely with you to meet your needs. Premier publishers like Microsoft choose AppNexus as their trusted partner for video.


RTB video spend growth from 2017 to 2018


quarter-over-quarter growth rate in 2017 for Connected TV spend


brands buying video impressions daily in the AppNexus Video Marketplace


monthly header bidding ad requests

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