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AppNexus operates the world’s largest independent marketplace, where roughly 90 percent of addressable comScore 200 publishers and 100 percent of Ad Age 100 advertisers transact daily. Offering people-based advertising, viewable buying, and fee transparency, the AppNexus Marketplace delivers direct access to web and mobile demand in all formats, including display, native, and video, from some of the world’s largest advertisers and agencies. Leverage a vibrant global ecosystem of over 300 bidders and join the 500+ premium publishers already reaping the rewards of the AppNexus Marketplace. Increase fill and revenue with over 2.5 million daily creatives waiting to be placed on your site by a vibrant advertising community.

Maximize Monetization

Optimize Revenue

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Leverage one of the largest pools of on-platform demand sources to monetize your inventory across all ad formats. The AppNexus Marketplace offers publishers access to advertiser spend from the Ad Age top 100 through the AppNexus Programmable Platform, and all other leading DSPs.

Properties - Safety

Protect Your Brand

The AppNexus Marketplace offers controls and safeguards to enforce creative standards, reduce fraud, and uphold brand safety for advertisers and publishers.


Optimize Revenue

Directly connect with demand partners to increase discovery and spend allocation from AppNexus’ buyers without adding unnecessary intermediaries. Fully transparent transactions reduce technology costs for both buyers and sellers, increasing monetization for publishers and performance for advertisers.

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