AppNexus SSP

AppNexus Publisher SSP provides advanced controls to manage your demand partners across all channels and formats

World-Class Technology to Power Your Monetization Needs

Optimize Revenue

Increase Monetization

The AppNexus Publisher SSP allows you to package your inventory the way you want.  Whether you want to create Deals to leverage a private marketplace or take your inventory to the open exchange, AppNexus offers you the technology to connect with advertisers the way you want.

All Devices

Access More Demand

Drive incremental revenue and access new sources of demand by using header bidding and Deals. Header bidding provides efficient access to demand on the AppNexus platform while increasing bid density in your primary ad server. Deals allows you to package your inventory the way you want, while offering your advertisers the transparency they desire.


Gain Complete Control Over Your Inventory

AppNexus offers manual and automated auditing tools so you can easily control where your ads get served. Creative controls and insight tools for both web and mobile provide additional ways to protect your ad quality.

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