Yieldex Analytics

AppNexus Yieldex Analytics offers a complete picture of your data, driving better inventory pricing and operational efficiency. Through increased forecasting accuracy and greater targeting visibility, you can understand your site’s capacity and make better decisions around your inventory.

Understand and manage sales performance

Advanced sales management reports allow you to evaluate sales performance in granular detail and anticipate how much advertisers might pay for future impressions, so you can price them accordingly.

Earn more for your audience data

Yieldex Analytics provides accurate inventory availability for all audiences to help you discover upsell opportunities.

Deliver what you sell and reduce make-goods

Precisely monitor your campaigns in real time to identify under-delivery issues and optimize campaigns that have the most revenue at risk.

Package valuable inventory to drive higher yield

Audience overlap analysis helps you better package your high-demand inventory for those buyers who would be most interested in purchasing it. Integrated data from the AppNexus Publisher SSP provides a complete picture of your inventory across all channels.

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Yieldex Analytics enables you to monitor rate-card prices and discounts across all sales channels with superior precision.

  • Gain cross-channel visibility - You can evaluate cross-channel trends to see whether rule changes are having their desired impact.

  • Superior Forecasting - The availability dashboard enables you to see the past and future of your forecasted inventory, so you understand your site’s capacity and make better selling decisions to maximize revenue.

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