AppNexus Deals

AppNexus Deals lets you set up private marketplace deals with your most valuable buy-side partners quickly and efficiently.

Negotiate with buyers in a matter of minutes

With Deals, there’s no need for table talk. You can reach out to buyers directly and arrive at customized deals that work for all parties.

Reach deals with anyone, anywhere on a single platform

Seamlessly connect with any buyer, regardless of which platform they use.

AppNexus Packages lets you standardize your Deals…

You don’t have to sell inventory à la carte. With the AppNexus Packages feature, you can create specialized catalogs of inventory and data to win over prospective buyers.

…or if you don’t want to standardize Deals, then customize

Do you have a buyer who is looking for highly specific rates, or who is asking for a customized offering? AppNexus Packages comes with merchandising tools that empower you to customize packages and rates that meet your advertiser’s exact needs.

Work directly with buyers to make win-win deals

Making sure you are earning the most from your deals can be tough using other platforms. With AppNexus Advanced Deal Metrics, you can optimize your price floors, configure your block lists and adjust your brand safety levels in such ways that you no longer accidentally risk blocking any lucrative, potential buyers. Moreover, with Advanced Deal Metrics, you and your buy-side partners can seamlessly share data, allowing you to work side by side – not separately – to reach the best possible deal for both parties.

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