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As consumers continue to shift their attention towards digital mediums such as desktop, mobile and tablet, online video inventory has become one of publishing’s richest opportunities. AppNexus brings you a single, holistic platform that streamlines and simplifies the process by which video creatives are bought and sold, while offering you the control and flexibility you need for your specific business.

Run any video format, all with one platform

Whether you choose a standard VAST format or opt for a more interactive VPAID experience, AppNexus offers you the technology to support either one.  Through AppNexus, you can also customize when and where your viewers see a video ad by choosing to place the ad as pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll or outstream.

Reach your audience: anytime, anywhere

As consumers increase their digital consumption on more and more devices, reaching them on the right device – and at the right moment – is essential.  Whether it’s through desktop, mobile or tablets, AppNexus lets you reach your audience via any device.  And by using a single tag integration, AppNexus Seller Tag, you can also reach your audience on display, native, mobile or outstream video ads.  Moreover, AppNexus can host your video creatives, transcoding them automatically into multiple renditions for different bandwidths, so you’re sure to reach your audience wherever they are.

Access some of the world’s largest buyers

AppNexus connects you with some of the most-recognized demand partners in the world, giving you the opportunity to maximize monetization. And because we run a transparent marketplace that never favors any given buyer over another, you can partner directly with the brands and agencies you prefer, on the terms that work best for you.

Make sure your buyers get their ads seen

Nowadays, with video offering advertisers some of the most effective campaign outcomes, ensuring video viewability for your buyers is a must. AppNexus provides you with video viewability measurement and reporting free of any charge, for both instream and outstream inventory. It also supports IAB, GroupM and custom definitions. With this powerful feature, you’re able to promote your highest-performing viewable inventory, improve the quality of inventory for your buyers and enhance the overall quality of user experience.

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