Publisher Adserver

We engineered the AppNexus Publisher Adserver to improve ad performance and profitability, offering complete digital ad management and superior yield optimization on one unified and independent platform.

Maximize yield with open dynamic allocation

AppNexus has pioneered smart algorithms that increase your yield opportunities for every impression you serve. With the AppNexus Publisher Adserver, you can allocate impressions in an optimal manner, ensuring pinpoint delivery on all guaranteed campaigns. Moreover, our platform gives you a single, transparent auction across every buyer in aggregate to help you optimize for maximum revenue.

Earn top dollar for your ads with superior forecasting

When serving ads in conjunction with AppNexus Yieldex Analytics, you gain world-class availability and capacity forecasting — the driving forces behind publisher revenue.

Seamlessly integrate revenue streams

By merging the AppNexus Publisher SSP into our Adserver, we free you up to conduct business directly with buyers by means of RTB or AppNexus Deals, with advantages like performance marketplaces and network mediation.

Serve your ads effortlessly in a multi-channel world

We built our Publisher Adserver with connectivity in mind. Navigate seamlessly between campaigns, while capturing monetization opportunities across all screens and formats.

Innovate on top of our open APIs

AppNexus offers industry-leading open APIs that offer you the leeway to integrate your own pre-existing technology stacks (like finance or CRM) into our own. And unlike other closed platforms, our open APIs provide you with the freedom and flexibility to innovate atop the AppNexus platform — thereby creating unique offerings for your customers.

The Once-and-Future Life of the Adserver

AppNexus' latest free whitepaper will discuss the major pain points that are still preventing the adserver from reaching its full potential, and explore three new product features -- open dynamic allocation, forecasting, and viewability -- that can help publishers dramatically improve adserver performance. While publishers have for years accepted the stagnant technologies that have been made available to them, AppNexus firmly believes the adserver can (and should) be capable of so much more.

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