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Maximize your revenue by working with the world’s largest independent programmatic marketplace. Built on top of AppNexus’ truly open and transparent platform, the AppNexus Publisher SSP provides advanced controls that let you use your proprietary data to manage your demand partners across desktop, mobile, native, and video.

Earn the best possible price for each impression

The AppNexus Publisher SSP has price floor technology that can calculate an optimal value for each impression on your ad inventory. Better still, it can crunch those numbers based on geography, time, and more to adapt to real-time market conditions. The net result? A system that sets a fair price-point for every unique impression you sell.

Drive revenue with header bidding

Drive incremental revenue and access new sources of demand by using header bidding in conjunction with the AppNexus Publisher SSP. Header bidding provides efficient access to demand on the AppNexus platform while increasing bid density in your primary adserver.

Integrate mobile advertising with ease

AppNexus’ mobile platform offers the flexibility to control how ads are served into apps as well as specialized algorithms to allocate ad inventory efficiently across all mobile demand sources. Easy integration options allow publishers to recognize mobile revenue lift right away.

Strengthen your buy-side partnerships

At the end of the day, it’s still people and relationships that drive programmatic advertising. With AppNexus Deals, you can reach out to buyers directly to offer them tailor-made packages of inventory or data, or hold private auctions. 

Maintain complete control over your ad quality

AppNexus offers manual and automated auditing tools so you can easily control where your ads get served, thereby maintaining your business reputation. Creative controls and insight tools for both web and mobile provide additional ways to oversee your ad quality.

Inside the Header Bidding Technology Solution

In this reference paper, we’ll examine the four major components of the header bidding container technology solution—any why it’s much more than just a container tag. We’ll also give publishers an overview of what they need to consider when evaluating different container solutions for the sake of their own businesses.

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