PreBid Mobile & Mobile SDK

Capturing the true value of your mobile inventory can be a tricky business. Just as in the desktop world, you need technology designed to manage your demand partners while maximizing your revenue and fill with in-app impressions. The AppNexus PreBid Mobile and AppNexus SDK solutions both solve for these needs. Using these two solutions, you gain all the benefits of desktop header bidding for an in-app experience, while retaining access to a large pool of quality advertisers – all with one quick, lightweight integration.

Earn more by integrating with PreBid Mobile

PreBid Mobile provides you with greater transparency into the actual worth of your mobile inventory. Each time a user opens your app, PreBid Mobile will find available ads and pre-cache bids. By comparing all bids in a single auction and then returning the highest bid price for each impression, PreBid Mobile ensures you’re maximizing revenue on every mobile impression. Pre-caching also reduces latency by allowing the adserver to find a matching ad swiftly.  

Hone your mobile targeting down to a science

With the AppNexus SDK solution, you gain deeper integration with the world’s largest independent technology platform, developing closer relationships with buyers by setting up deals and private marketplaces. You also receive privileged access to specialized data including geo-location, device type and otherwise, all of which attracts marketers seeking to drive highly targeted mobile campaigns. 

Sell to a deep pool of on-platform demand sources

Top brands work with AppNexus to get their mobile creatives served. Since AppNexus maintains a transparent, open marketplace that’s open to all demand partners, you’re able, as a publisher, to partner directly with some of the world’s largest buyers.

Integrate – and innovate – at the swift pace of mobile

Having to install and maintain large SDKs often prevents you from being able to innovate at the speed of the market. Both PreBid Mobile and the AppNexus SDK are lightweight solutions, allowing you to integrate quickly, without any developer headaches.  Each integration supports all standard interstitial and MRAID ad formats (banner, video, and native), allowing you to customize your user’s viewing experience.  Moreover, by partnering with AppNexus, you gain access to monetization and performance reports like Price Floors and Auto Bid Updates that allow you to optimize your strategy in real time.

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