Native Solutions

AppNexus’ native advertising solution provides you with the unique ability to standardize native ads so that they scale easily across different channels, device types and platforms. It revolutionizes native advertising by allowing you to connect with media buyers, align quickly on creative specifics and begin serving native on all possible sales channels.

Standardize native advertising at scale

AppNexus enables you to create scalable experiences with native ad formats. Our platform supports all standard native formats including Content Wall, Newsfeed and App Wall, so you can deliver native experiences across desktop, mobile and tablet.  AppNexus also makes it simple for you to access top native demand sources.

Serve native ad units on a global scale

With AppNexus, you can create native advertising campaigns in such a way where content remains consistent whether it’s served in a standard native format, or in a more customized framework. AppNexus technology has the right combination of accuracy and power, so you can leverage impression-level targeting and reach your desired audience at a global scale.

Standardize your custom-created formats with ease

AppNexus offers a single, holistic approach to campaign performance of all types, including native.  Drawing from a single source of data, you’re able to follow real-time analytics that precisely track how well your campaign is faring whether in native or in other channels.

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