AppNexus PreBid Enterprise:

A Comprehensive Header Bidding Solution

We built PreBid Enterprise with one person in mind: you, the publisher. Our header bidding container allows you to connect with and manage multiple bidding partners easily – and gain more flexibility and control over your monetization strategy. And if you need technical advice, AppNexus’ best-in-class support and analytics teams are there to help you, 24x7. 


AppNexus has reinforced its expertise as an end-to-end header bidding partner by contributing to our monetization efforts, resulting in nearly double our CPMs over other demand sources and lifting our header bidder fill rates by almost 50%.

Carrie Atwood

Programmatic Partnership Manager
     InfoSpace is an owner and operator of websites including HowStuffWorks.

Enjoy cutting-edge tech and best-in-class service

When you choose PreBid Enterprise as your header bidding solution, you aren’t simply getting best-in-class technology. You’re gaining dedicated teams of AppNexus engineers, account managers and monetization strategists, able to set you up for quick success – and optimize to ensure your revenue continues to climb. Our support includes a 24x7 emergency ticketing system as well as eLearning documentation.

Bring full transparency to your tech stack

As a publisher, you deserve every possible tool to ensure your business grows – including transparent reporting. That’s why PreBid Enterprise comes with robust analytics that provide you with clear insight into your own bid dynamics, latency and performance. What’s more, that data is yours and no one else’s. Use it to optimize your individual header bidding configurations within your container. Or use it to make private deals with your preferred demand partners. Your technology might be ours. Your business is yours alone.



Powered by industry-leading container script.

PreBid Enterprise uses Prebid.js, an open-source script pioneered by AppNexus, and one of the most widely adopted container scripts in the world. Prebid.js gives you access to inventory from some of the world’s largest buyers – including unique demand available only through AppNexus. And since Prebid.js uses asynchronous calls to run its real-time auctions, your webpages load faster – providing your visitors with a seamless user experience.

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