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Display offers you the largest opportunity to reach your audience anytime, anywhere. Whether your users can be found on mobile, tablet, desktop or on all of the above, display advertising affords you a massive opportunity to connect the right buyers with the right audiences. With AppNexus, you have all the tools and control you need to craft an ideal user experience for one of your largest ad inventory segments.

Access the world’s largest buyers

AppNexus connects you with the most-recognized demand partners on the planet – letting you maximize your monetization opportunities, wherever you do business on the globe.  And because we run an agnostic marketplace that never favors one buyer over another, you can partner directly with the brands and agencies you want to – on terms that work best for everyone.

Reach your audience: anytime, anywhere

It’s no secret today’s consumers connect to their digital content using a slew of different device types. Through AppNexus you can reach your audience across any and all devices and channels, whether that’s on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Protect your brand by delivering a quality user experience

AppNexus offers you the best-in-class controls to ensure you are delivering the right user experience to your audience. We provide for your brand’s safety with a large, in-house auditing team that examines every ad that enters our platform to ensure brand safety and prevent fraud.  

Ensure viewability for your buyers

Buyers want to know their ads aren’t merely seen – but also seen by the right, relevant audiences.  With AppNexus, you can access world-class tools that guarantee your ads are viewable, as well as analytics that ensure that buyers’ ads are seen.


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