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Automated Guaranteed

Reduce the time it takes to run your buyers’ campaigns with Automated Guaranteed. With features like integrated buyer-seller workflows, campaign automation tools and forecasting analytics, you can coordinate easily with your buyers and serve campaigns.

Clear your work calendar of superfluous tasks

Automated Guaranteed lets you eliminate manual tasks, such as filling out insertion orders, giving you back control of your workday and valuable time to strategize for the long term.

Keep customers up to speed about future inventory

Buyers want to know in advance what inventory they can buy in the future. By using Automated Guaranteed in conjunction with Yieldex Analytics, you can keep your advertising partners in the loop with the most accurately forecasted inventory.

Work directly with your buyers to ensure mutual success

The AppNexus platform offers unrivaled transparency between buyers and sellers. That means you can coordinate in real time with your buyers to increase their brand exposure – as well as improve your own monetization. With your approval, buyers can initiate changes or optimizations to their campaigns, even while they’re up and running.

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