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As an audio publisher, you need a programmatic solution that can deliver your inventory, swiftly and reliably, to listeners on a variety of devices. With AppNexus Audio, that’s all achievable. You now have a single platform to monetize your entire audio ad inventory – and a programmatic system engineered to maximize your audio revenue – all in one place.

Get the most for your audio inventory

Through AppNexus, you can leverage an Open Market RTB Integration that allows you to monetize every audio ad opportunity out there. By connecting you with a large network of audio demand partners, AppNexus gives you more competition for your available inventory, which also increases your audio inventory’s CPM value.

Unlock key insights with advanced analytics

As an audio publisher, buyer behavior data and insights are critical to your success. AppNexus lets you adjust audio ad inventory strategies, including price floors, so you can turn your revenue up to full volume. You can also leverage real-time reporting that monitors audio inventory performance, ensuring your audio inventory stays custom-configured to deliver you the highest fill-rate possible.

Apply cross-channel data to improve your listeners’ experience

With AppNexus, you now have a single platform that eliminates needless, manual busywork – and lets you cut back on duplicative third-party tools. A single source of data helps you understand your listeners’ behavior on different device types and channels, which allows you to provide them with ideal ad experiences no matter what format you deliver.

Access some of the world’s largest buyers

AppNexus connects you with some of the world’s largest, global demand partners in audio – giving you the opportunity to maximize monetization and find the right strategy to increase your total net yield.

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