Audience Extension

It’s your job as a publisher to understand your audience better than anyone else. AppNexus Audience Extension lets you translate that knowledge into dollars. By applying your proprietary data and extending the campaigns of your advertisers onto third-party sites, you can help them find your audience and prospect audiences similar to your own across the web. It’s the kind of audience targeting the world’s premier advertisers prize, and it’s a new way for you to reach fresh streams of revenue.

Buy ads on the same platform you sell them

AppNexus enables you to execute a unified monetization strategy and provide audience extension to your advertising partners, all on the same platform. AppNexus Audience Extension leverages the power of AppNexus Console, the same system utilized by the world’s leading buyers.

Help your advertisers find their audiences

The AppNexus platform offers an unparalleled match-rate for all cookies. By using Audience Extension, you can leverage your first-party data to extend the reach of your buyers’ campaigns onto websites and apps they might otherwise have overlooked. Your advertisers will gain better brand exposure, and you’ll earn more. It’s a win-win.

Serve your buyers' ads confidently and safely

Sophisticated automated alert systems, vigorous safeguard policies and one of the largest inventory audit teams in the world all work to ensure that your buy-side partners’ campaigns are served only to relevant users on legitimate sites.

Locate relevant audiences anywhere in the world

AppNexus sees more than 108 billion available advertising impressions across global markets every day, giving you an audience reach spanning all continents.

Extend multichannel campaigns using one product

Create campaigns with genuine multi-channel capability. No matter what creative format you require—display, mobile, video, audio or native—you’ll be able to reach your audiences at scale.

  • Seamless Workflow - Target both direct and third-party inventory within the same campaign.

  • Campaign Reporting - Analyze and optimize your media campaign on the AppNexus Console, including performance, billing, inventory and audience analytics.


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