Publisher Suite

A comprehensive enterprise platform that powers true holistic yield through industry-leading analytics, seamless connections with buyers and real-time decisioning.

The AppNexus Publisher Suite combines intelligent analytics with an open platform that connects you directly with your buyers, so you can monetize your content intelligently, grow your business quickly and realize your inventory’s full value with unrivaled insight. Never before has there been an end-to-end solution that fuses operational cost and efficiency with such high transparency.

The AppNexus Publisher Suite is a one-stop platform that powers planning and forecasting, direct campaign management, diverse marketplace sales, audience extension and adserving – all in one seamless technology suite. At the core of the suite is Yieldex, an industry-leading analytics engine that lets you earn the most from your audience data, package your inventory to command higher yield, and increase your total revenue with cross-channel visibility. With Yieldex’s granular predictive forecasting, the AppNexus Publisher Suite allows you to make smarter yield management decisions at every stage of your media sales process – from pre-sale to adserving. And unlike other full-stack competitors, AppNexus doesn’t own or operate any media properties. Which means there’s zero incentive to favor our own business interests over yours.


AppNexus Publisher SSP

Whether you’re a publisher or a mobile developer, you can use our SSP to build your business at whatever scale you require. You can manage and allocate inventory across demand partners, as well as apply audience data to extend the audience reach of your campaigns.

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The AppNexus Publisher Adserver, a single digital ad delivery platform, empowers publishers to realize the value of their ad inventory by managing and optimizing it across all demand channels and screens through one unified and independent platform. 

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AppNexus Yieldex Analytics allows you to manage, forecast, package and price your digital inventory. With it, you’ll be able to boost your revenue across all delivery channels, as well as improve your total yield.

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AppNexus Audience Extension helps you leverage your own unique data assets to extend your advertisers’ reach into third-party inventory from all over the web.

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Mobile Publishing

AppNexus PriceCheck™ enables you to monetize your mobile inventory swiftly and easily – and improves user experience with its fast-loading time.

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Video Solutions

AppNexus Video SSP is flexible across formats; scalable, to connect the world’s largest programmatic video buyers and sellers; and efficient, for easy adoption and latency reduction.

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Native Solutions

AppNexus allows you to harness the scale and predictive attributes of programmatic in the service of powering compelling native advertising.

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Audio Solutions

AppNexus provides a single platform to monetize your entire audio ad inventory – and a programmatic system engineered to maximize your audio revenue – all in one place.

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83% of comScore top 100 publishers transact on the AppNexus platform


500+ publisher clients, including Microsoft and Figaro Media Group


7 global data centers


9.3 billion impressions transacted daily at peak


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