AppNexus Publisher Suite

AppNexus helps the world’s top publishers fully monetize their content through integrated ad serving and programmatic selling solutions.

AppNexus for Ad Tech Companies

Ad Tech and media companies use AppNexus to power value-add enhancements for marketers and publishers.

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Products for Agencies / Advertisers

Products for Ad Tech Companies

AppNexusPublisher Suite

Maximize your monetization today – with tomorrow’s technology.


The AppNexus Publisher Suite is an end-to-end platform built for all channels, screens and formats.


Advanced data analytics and superior forecasting tools help you map out the best possible means of optimizing your yield.


The AppNexus Publisher Suite isn’t simply advanced – it’s open. Hundreds of companies have built businesses and unlocked new value on top of our platform.

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A long record of inventing first-to-market products and solutions.

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130TB of data processed daily. Five billion queries per second, at peak.

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500+ publisher clients, including global brands like Microsoft, Figaro Media Group and Schibsted Media Group.


AppNexus Publisher SSP

Whether you’re a publisher or a mobile developer, you can use our SSP to build your business at whatever scale you require. You can manage and allocate inventory across demand partners and set up direct campaigns and orders. You can also apply audience data to extend the audience reach of your campaigns.

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AppNexus Publisher Adserver

The AppNexus Publisher Adserver, a single digital ad delivery platform, empowers publishers to maximize the value of their ad inventory by managing and optimizing their entire business across all demand channels and screens through one unified and independent platform. 

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AppNexus Yieldex Analytics

AppNexus Yieldex Analytics allows you to manage, forecast, package and price your digital inventory. With it, you’ll be able to boost your revenue across all delivery channels, as well as improve your total yield.

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AppNexus Audience Extension

AppNexus Audience Extension helps you leverage your own unique data assets to extend your advertisers’ reach into third-party inventory from all over the web.

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Mobile Publishing

AppNexus PriceCheck™ enables you to monetize your mobile inventory swiftly and easily – and improves user experience with its fast-loading time.

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Video Solutions

The AppNexus Video SSP is designed to be flexible across video formats, scalable, to connect the world’s largest programmatic video buyers and sellers, and efficient, for easy adoption and latency reduction.

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Native Solutions

The intersection of programmatic media buying and native advertising is set for enormous growth. AppNexus allows you to harness the scale and predictive attributes of programmatic in the service of powering compelling native advertising.



AppNexus helps the world’s top publishers fully monetize their content through integrated ad serving and programmatic selling solutions. Ready to get started?

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