AppNexus Enterprise Platform

The AppNexus enterprise technology platform harnesses the power of data science and machine learning to drive audience acquisition, engagement and monetization in real time and at scale.

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Our platform is open: hundreds of companies have built businesses and unlocked new value on top of it.

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We are fully aligned with the interests of our customers and focus on building superior technology to help them grow their businesses.

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Our platform supports a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products that can be used individually or in combination with each other.

Technology first

Over 400 engineers, product managers and data scientists maintain and develop the AppNexus platform and help our customers power their digital businesses.

Low-cost, efficient and transparent technology

Our platform transacts at scale and at low cost, and we pass along these technology benefits and cost advantages to our platform customers.

Partner to the open internet

As a technology company that does not own or operate media properties, AppNexus is fully aligned with the interests of its customers.

Flexibility that enables near-infinite customization

With over 200+ comprehensive and robust open APIs, we put the power in your hands to build and extend custom solutions to accelerate innovation and differentiation.