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The programmatic revolution is here… So what happens next?

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Despite its successful adoption across digital media, programmatic remains something of a worldwide mystery, even to those who regularly use it to conduct business. In the spirit of enlightening the industry about the use and perceptions of programmatic advertising, AppNexus partnered with Circle Research to conduct a comprehensive trust survey of more than 1,200 professionals involved in every aspect of global advertising and publishing. The answers we got were nothing short of astonishing. While we’ve known for a long time that programmatic is becoming the standard of modern advertising, we didn’t know (until now) that nearly half of the digital ecosystem still does not have a clear picture of what programmatic entails. Nor did we know that within the next five years, most agencies believe that knowledge of targeted digital advertising will be a more useful skill to have than creativity itself. In order to give you a clear and accurate sense of the industry changes occurring worldwide, we want to share our findings with you.

Download Our Whitepaper

Download Our Whitepaper

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Read the ebook