Though often overlooked, the publisher adserver is in some sense the bedrock of the modern internet. But despite the adserver’s pivotal role in maximizing ad revenues, the technology behind it has fallen woefully out of date and fundamentally unchanged since the late 2000s, with many publishers still relying on solutions that were built prior to the rise of programmatic advertising. 

AppNexus' latest free whitepaper will discuss the major pain points that are still preventing the adserver from reaching its full potential, and explore three new product features -- open dynamic allocation, forecasting, and viewability -- that can help publishers dramatically improve adserver performance. While publishers have for years accepted the stagnant technologies that have been made available to them, AppNexus firmly believes the adserver can (and should) be capable of so much more.

Download "The Evolution of the Adserver: Why Adserving Technology Is Costing Publishers Money, and What Can Be Done To Fix It" today.

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