Open Source

AppNexus uses quite a bit of free and/or open source software, and this software provides tremendous value to the company. AppNexus engineers also create a tremendous volume of interesting software themselves! As a company, we have a desire to contribute back to the open-source software community that has helped AppNexus become the technology company that it is today. We fulfill this desire by making some of our more general purpose, non-proprietary software available to the general public using reasonable open-source licenses.

Developed at AppNexus

  • schema-tool: Schema Tool helps manage database alter history in a framework-agnostic way that works well for both large and small teams.
  • pyrobuf: A self-contained, easy-to-install alternative to Google's Python Protobuf library.
  • sicksync: A CLI to sync your project's code to a remote machine, very quickly. If you work in an environment where you edit files locally, then push them to a development machine, then sicksync is the tool for you.

Projects AppNexians Contribute To

  • prebid.js
  • tidy-exit
  • Concurrency Kit: Concurrency primitives, safe memory reclamation mechanisms and non-blocking data structures for the research, design and implementation of high performance concurrent systems.
  • libevent: libevent is meant to replace the event loop found in event driven network servers.
  • JazzHands: An Enterprise management system that provides a CMDB and management/usage tools for the management of users, network elements and their intersection.

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