Diversity and Inclusion

AppNexus' mission is to create a better internet.  We believe that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture will help us get there by supporting innovation and better business outcomes while helping us retain the best talent.  We approach this in three major ways:

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    Diversify the 

    We engage the outside community through partnerships and sponsored events that cultivate a vibrant and inclusive workplace - all the  while developing a diverse pipeline of talent.

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    Galvanize communities

    Our affinity groups bring employees together around their shared interests pertaining to identity, while supporting employee development, fostering communities and advocating for real change.

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    Create an inclusive and global AppNexus

    We invest in wide-ranging learning and development programs for our employees, many of which are designed to support an inclusive culture within AppNexus.

Diversify the pipeline

AppNexus is committed to attracting diverse candidates in order to hire the best AppNexians and foster a diverse workforce. In order to achieve this, we have enhanced our recruiting practices and developed formal partnerships within our community.
Below are some of our key partnerships: 

Galvanize communities

We are committed to our affinity groups, which are open to all AppNexians, and exist to bring us together around shared interests pertaining to identity. Affinity groups support employee development by providing leadership, networking and educational opportunities. They advocate for change by providing a venue for constituencies to share ideas, voice concerns and develop solutions with leadership, and by sharing knowledge with both our internal and external communities. Lastly, they build community by offering camaraderie, friendship, support and a safe space for employees to engage in thoughtful discourse on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, diversity and identity. 

Find out more about each of our affinity groups below.

Our Affinity Groups

Our mission: Leverage our position to advocate greater black representation in technology, ad tech and AppNexus, building a bridge between AppNexus and community groups seeking to increase diversity in technology.

Community Partnerships:

All Star Code 


20/20 Shift 

Our mission: Empower the members of our Latin-American community by providing an inclusive forum in which to network with other organizations, increase cultural awareness, engage in community outreach and promote diversity.

Community Partnerships:


Our mission: To ignite personal and professional growth through networking and educational events driven by the interests of the women at AppNexus and to positively impact AppNexus’ culture by feeding back our recommendations across the company.

Community Partnerships:

Girls Who Code

Advertising Women of New York


She’s The First

Carrie Hammer

Our mission: Support AppNexus families by making AppNexus the best work environment for parents, families and all of our global KidNexians through company-wide collaboration. The network creates programs that engage our families with the AppNexus family, and seeks to promote a healthy and balanced work-life harmony. 

Our mission: Empower the LGBTQ* community by promoting an inclusive and welcoming professional environment through education, visibility and supportive resources.

Community Partnerships:

Out In Tech

Lamda Legal

Live Out Loud

Our mission: Share and celebrate Jewish culture, network with other Jewish organizations and provide an outlet to discuss work-related issues that affect Jewish employees. 

Create an inclusive and global AppNexus

AppNexus offers a broad range of training, designed to support career development and mobility as well as to foster diversity and inclusiveness among AppNexians.
We have a collection of programs that assist in cultivating an inclusive culture, such as:
  • Interviewing Training
  • Communicating Authentically
  • Navigating Conflict

Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee

Our Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee meets on a regular basis and includes cross-functional leaders and representatives throughout our organization. Our mission is to foster a diverse and inclusive culture within AppNexus and throughout the larger community by advancing these principles in our talent pipeline, thought leadership, employee training and corporate practices. We believe this will drive innovation and better business outcomes through improved employee engagement, more productive dialogue and attraction and retention of top talent. This committee is co-chaired by our Chief People Officer, Brandon Atkinson, and SVP, General Counsel, Nithya Das.

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