AppNexus Hiring Philosophy

AppNexus is invested in hiring the best, and we take our hiring practice seriously. From the first step to the last, we stay focused on a few key principles when hiring future AppNexians.

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    Values first

    We look for people who are driven to learn and teach, to make greatness happen despite obstacles and failure, to see and improve the whole system and to empower the success of others.

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    Hire for potential

    We recognize that, when identifying great talent, looking at previous experience is not nearly as important as looking at capabilities, passions and values – so we hire for those qualities. We believe in investing in those who have the potential to be truly great.

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    Seek diversity

    We grow teams of individuals who have different styles, perspectives, experience, backgrounds, skills and personalities. We believe that diversity, in all its forms, promotes innovation and creates better business outcomes.

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    Be inspired

    There is something about everyone who works at AppNexus that inspires us in some way, big or small. It could be a personal passion, a professional skill or simply an infectious optimism. We do not settle for “this person can do the job;” we insist on being inspired!

Our Hiring Process

At AppNexus, we are always looking for top talent!  Our recruiters review all applications and will reach out to you for a phone screen if there is a fit.  After you speak with a recruiter and/or hiring manager, we will invite you to onsite interviews. 

Throughout your day, you will meet with AppNexians from both your potential and cross-functional teams.  Our interviews are structured to ensure that by the end of your conversations, you will have a complete sense of our company and your role within it.  They are also designed to give us a holistic understanding of your strengths and interests.  Following one or two rounds of interviews, we will let you know if we are moving forward with an offer. 

Our goal is to provide the best experience possible while moving you efficiently through the process.  You can learn more about potential teams and role functions below.

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Meet Our Teams

Our Engineers are building the online advertising industry’s most powerful, open and customizable technology platform.  We constantly optimize our algorithms and reduce the platform's machine learning curve with our continuous deployment to the thousands of servers in our infrastructure.  Additionally, we create client-facing APIs and user interfaces that are elegantly simple and intuitive.

The most exciting part about working at AppNexus is the enormous potential for personal and professional growth. We operate in a continuous release cycle with 99.99% uptime, meaning new features are added weekly without ever taking our systems completely offline. Within weeks, you will own a component of a system.

Read more about our Engineering teams below. 

Real-Time Platform

We build the core of the AppNexus platform – our ad servers. Operating in real time to execute dynamic auctions in less than 100 milliseconds, our ad servers are optimized for performance and algorithmic efficiency.

Web Applications Engineering

We enable clients to manage their ad-tech business by developing and maintaining RESTful APIs and start-of-the-art UI applications. We work on front-end, back-end and full stack engineering projects.

Data Science

We glean insights from massive amounts of data, construct algorithms to optimize for client success.

Big Data Systems

We build the transaction layer and data pipeline that generates aggregated analytics reports, updates budgets and drives optimization engines.

Business Systems

We are responsible for the engineering systems that allow AppNexus to run its business smoothly and efficiently. We are business-minded engineers who create tools with direct revenue impact, including building business-critical financial code and other analytical solutions.

Technology Operations

We ensure engineers’ success by maintaining continuous uptime and protecting the integrity of the engineering environment. We have over 7,000 servers, which process over a million ad serving requests per second (that's billions per day).

Engineering Quality

We ensure the quality and reliability of the AppNexus platform. We design, develop and maintain automated testing frameworks and solutions for complex systems. We ensure the adoption of automated testing discipline within the larger engineering organization.


We create software used by our engineers and Operations team to manage the thousands of servers that comprise our platform.  We focus heavily on automation and continuous deployment, as well as increasing the velocity and reliability of the actions our internal customers perform on our platform.

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Our Product Management team is dedicated to one overarching goal: powering the advertising that powers the internet. We are strategic thinkers with an eye on the next big thing. We engage deeply with customers, partners and field organizations to identify market opportunities and break complex problems down into actionable roadmaps. Serving as the critical bridge between our technology and our business, we touch nearly every part of the organization - from our Sales and Services teams to Engineering, Marketing and Design. We are encouraged to experiment, build, fail fast, think creatively and holistically in order to create game changing advertising technology innovations.

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Sales and Account Management is a driven and results-oriented organization that helps bring AppNexus’ digital advertising products to market. Our focus is building our clients’ businesses through leading-edge technology solutions, intuitive ad-serving tools and strategic business consulting. We develop and nurture relationships with a wide range of publishers and advertisers to help them more effectively reach their target audience through real-time ad serving, giving them the means to manage and grow their digital advertising business. 

New Business

We drive Appnexus’ growth by prospecting and closing new clients. Some of us educate prospects on our buy-side product suite; others evangelize our sell-side products.  Across the board, we are made up of consultative, solutions-driven sales people. 

Account Management

We develop and nurture existing client relationships.  Like our New Business teams, we are focused on either buy-side or sell-side clients.  We are true partners to our clients, seeking to understand their business needs and objectives, to drive strategy forward. 

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Our Services team is dedicated to earning customer loyalty, while building a world-class company together.  We implement and support clients on our platform, obsess about making them massively successful and strategize to help them surpass their goals.  Real-time advertising can fundamentally transform our clients’ businesses; we bring it to life for them.  We look for people who are consultative, analytical, technically-minded and passionate about helping others. 


We use our passion for technical problem-solving to partner with the Sales team, engaging and closing key prospective clients.  


We combine consultative and technical skills to migrate new clients onto the AppNexus platform.     

Technical Account Management

We provide ongoing client support, from advertiser campaign management to integration optimization.


We power through data to monetize publisher revenue and elevate internal teams’ ability to partner with clients through custom tools and analysis.


We ensure that clients receive best-in-class service in response to reported issues, from product and business support to technical escalations.

Client Education & Development

We provide training and other learning resources to jumpstart our clients’ success.

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Our Strategy and Operations organization ensures that AppNexus scales its organization, processes, systems and execution efficiently and effectively.  We partner with senior executives and go-to-market teams to drive strategic planning, lead critical strategic initiatives as well as launch new capabilities.  We tackle tough operational problems, deliver relevant analytics and insight to drive decision-making, identify impediments to scaling and drive continuous process improvement. 

Strategic Execution

We work with AppNexus leadership to deliver the desired business results from its critical strategic and operational initiatives.  We act as cross-functional thought partners and provide project management support, company-wide.

Global Business Operations

We support global go-to-market teams by working closely with leaders to identify and implement process improvements, manage projects and ultimately drive success in the business.

Business Unit Operations

We play a critical role in defining and driving operational, organizational and strategic improvements across AppNexus' buy-side and sell-side business units. We support our teams by effectively executing and continuously improving ongoing operations in a scalable manner. 

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Our People team is responsible for finding the best talent and ensuring that all employees continue to be excited, productive and passionate about working at AppNexus.  Through strategic culture-building initiatives, including a strong focus on career progression and manager development, we work to create a unique and engaging environment where employees can accomplish their best work. To achieve our mandates, our team is service-oriented, proactive and responsive to our internal business partners.

People Partners

We partner with the business to develop custom people programs, execute company-wide performance management and talent assessment, coach managers on best practices and provide thought leadership on employee relations. 

Talent Acquisition

We leverage unique sourcing strategies, uphold excellent candidate experience, use data and metrics to inform our searches and partner thoughtfully with  other teams to ensure we hire the best talent on the planet. 

Total Rewards

We research, design, manage and administer AppNexus’ world-class compensation and benefits packages. 

People Experience

We foster community-building and support our culture by creating fun and inclusive programming to enhance the employee experience. 

Operations & Analytics

We ensure that AppNexus has the processes, tools, analytics and initiatives in place to best support, engage and develop employees.

People Growth

We are dedicated to providing continuous learning and development opportunities for AppNexians. Through management, on-the job or other professional development training, we make certain that employees have the necessary tools and training to grow. 

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Our Finance organization is tasked with managing the complex financials of an ad-tech start-up that has grown into an enterprise company. We measure and report on the drivers for revenue and cost, journalize and report on the company’s financial statement, devise the firm’s tax strategy and guide its capital structure. We also take responsibility for financial planning and reporting, revenue forecasting, in addition to maintaining and allocating budgets across the company.


We manage critical financial responsibilities, from external reporting to tax issues, all within a fast-paced technology environment.

Client Finance

We are responsible for all billing transactions. Relationship management is key for our team because we support both internal and external stakeholders.

Finance and Business Analytics

We analyze key business indicators to forecast growth and assist in strategic and tactical decision-making.


We are comprised of three pillars: treasury operations, collections and credit.  We work with internal stakeholders and clients to ensure our credit and collections operations are running smoothly. 


We oversee tax planning, research and all aspects of foreign and domestic tax filings and compliance requirements.  Our areas of expertise include corporate income, sales and use, foreign, statutory filings and VAT.

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Our AppNexus Marketing teams shape and manage AppNexus’ brand, including corporate and product messaging. From tweets to one-sheets, from media appearances to industry-hyped events and world conferences, we dazzle our industry peers, potential clients and prospective hires.

Corporate Communication

We drive AppNexus’ press strategy and execution by supporting the business with top-level messaging, owned and earned media, public relations in addition to corporate and executive messaging initiatives. We also work closely with the Legal team to expand our thought leadership efforts in the public policy arena. 

Marketing Solutions

We serve as a center of excellence for Event Marketing, Event and Marketing Ops, Brand Assets, Corporate Storytelling, Creative Design, as well as maintaining the vitality of both internal and external community partnerships.  

Customer Experience

We are dedicated to delivering a superior user experience.  From design to documentation, we empower our clients by making their interactions with our products seamless and enjoyable.

Product & Field Marketing

We are dedicated to driving initiatives in support of revenue and growth strategies for our business units and international market development.  This includes product and field marketing, channels marketing, always-on digital campaigns and client storytelling, marketing automation and thought leadership for new audiences. 

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Our Legal team serves as a trusted business partner in the creation and protection of responsible revenue for AppNexus. We strive to apply both legal acumen and business judgment to provide sound, practical legal advice to all functions throughout the organization.  With such functions that include Privacy and Policy, Legal and Business Affairs and HR law, we are responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts, evaluating product offerings, monitoring and addressing legislative and regulatory developments that affect online advertising.  We protect a safe working environment for all AppNexians and are energized by the challenges of serving a dynamic, fast-growing company. 

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