Global Technology Partner for the Open Internet

AppNexus is an internet technology company that harnesses data and machine learning to power the world’s open digital audience platforms.

Our powerful, real-time decisioning platform supports core products that enable our clients to acquire, engage and monetize their audiences.

As an independent technology company that does not own or operate media properties or digital audience platforms, AppNexus is fully aligned with the interests of our customers.

Our Appnexian Values

Make Greatness Happen

We believe that making the world a better place means believing we can achieve great outcomes. We do this by helping our colleagues and partners rise to their highest level of ability and engagement.

Learn and Teach

We love to learn from both success and failure, since every experiment teaches us more about how things really work than a million perfect ideas in our heads. We love challenging ourselves to constant improvement.

See and Improve the Whole System

We care about big, systemic problems and we look beyond immediate symptoms to understand root causes of those problems. We build and influence the whole ecosystem to create a complete solution for the long term.

Empower Our Customers

We empower our customers and partners who are our fellow innovators by providing them with a platform for their own innovation, inspiring them with our vision, and educating them so they can build their businesses and solutions.

Diversity + Inclusion

AppNexus’ mission is to create a better Internet. We believe that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture will help us get there by supporting innovation and better business outcomes while helping us attract and retain the best talent. 

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Our Leadership Team

Meet the AppNexus executive team and board members who are driving us toward a better internet.

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Join Our Team

AppNexus is on a mission to create a better Internet and we’re looking for the brightest minds to help.

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