We believe the future of digital advertising should be fully viewable.

Impression viewability is now a baseline requirement for digital advertising success. After all, your ads aren’t worth much if no one actually sees them. At AppNexus, we are looking beyond mere viewability measurement. From no-risk viewable deals to impression-level viewable prediction intelligence, AppNexus provides a powerful toolset for realizing performance on viewable media.


AppNexus' Andrew Eifler, VP Product, introduces AppNexus Viewable Deals 

Measure viewability for every impression

Discover how many people actually see your ads via AppNexus-integrated viewability measurement. Since viewability is critical to campaign success, we’re commoditizing what was once a complex and expensive add-on. AppNexus' buy-side offering measures and reports viewability in aggregate and at the impression level: all of it latency-free and complimentary for all clients. No tags, no setup, no trafficking errors.

Don’t waste your budget on unviewed impressions

Make your ad dollars go further with viewable deals – where buyers only pay for ads your audience sees. The AppNexus platform allows you to establish viewable direct and marketplace deals with quality publishers. By eliminating wasted media investment, viewable deals let buyers efficiently buy digital media transactions that drive successful outcomes. 

Make certain people actually see your ads

Realize high performance, viewable advertising with the AppNexus pre-bid viewability signal. This state-of-the-art tool uses real-time machine learning intelligence to predict whether an impression will be viewable –before you even buy it. Because we see more digital transactions than any other viewability provider, our data science-driven prediction is highly accurate.  


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