With AppNexus, easily execute view-measured and optimized video buys. Access turnkey video targeting and optimization capabilities or tap programmable bidding to achieve your viewable video or custom performance objectives. Together, with in-stream and in-text players, premium supply and extensive video audience data, AppNexus give you everything you need to fully unlock one of the most compelling formats in online advertising.


Video viewability, ensured

Experience sophisticated integrated viewability measurement – extended to video. With AppNexus, you can measure video viewability across nearly all devices, browsers and applications. And as always, we offer you this capability error free, tag free and latency free – provided free of charge to clients.

Execute video campaigns in a leading omni-channel platform side by side with other media

Plan, execute, and optimize your video campaigns alongside your other channels – all on one sophisticated, programmatic buying platform. Manage video campaign targeting in the same way you would target traditional display campaigns, while incorporating unique video targeting parameters and objectives — like video completions — to reach your video audience with outstanding precision. 

Find premium audiences at a reasonable cost

If you’re in digital advertising, you understand the steep costs that sometimes come with buying video inventory. AppNexus is here to help change all that. With its low take rates and a compressed supply chain that eliminates unnecessary middlemen, AppNexus helps your videos capture a broad audience across desktop and mobile – at a highly competitive price.

Make the most of your video audience data

Tap AppNexus’ flexible and real-time data activation tools to increase the effectiveness of your brand performance campaigns.  AppNexus also allows buyers to activate an array of converged TV-video audience and contextual targeting scenarios through integrated partners in the Data Marketplace. 

Improve your video buying with real-time insights

Watching movies in the dark can be fun. Buying video inventory in a black-box environment, not so much. With AppNexus' buy-side offering, you’re given complete transparency when buying video. You’re able to apply real-time, user-level insights that help you inform your video bids moment by moment – and optimize your entire video buying strategy over the long run.

Build smarter video campaigns

Leverage video specific parameters in AppNexus Programmable Bidder to meet and exceed your video campaign objectives. Couple programmable optimization with real-time, user-level insights to realize superior optimization agility across your video or omni-channel campaign.


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