AppNexus Supply

AppNexus supply provides predictable, holistic access to high-quality digital media. Whether purchasing through real-time bidding, deals or private marketplaces, our supply empowers buyers to achieve delivery, performance and audience reach goals with transparent and efficient access to quality, performant media.

Don’t let middlemen eat up your media budget

Eliminate unreasonable take rates with AppNexus supply optimization technology. By finding the most direct route to every single impression, AppNexus enables you to maximize the amount of your investment going directly toward media – so you can dedicate more of your budget to media and audience engagement, not middlemen and markups.

Access premium inventory directly from the source

AppNexus offers a robust toolset for deal buying and execution - letting buyers execute direct deals with finesse. You can select from packaged, off-the-shelf deals, build custom terms with platform publishers, or transact on deals from external supply partners. With AppNexus, you’re able to swifly negotiate, activate, measure and troubleshoot deals with your preferred publisher partners.

Access transparent, quality supply

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your brand advertising is being delivered to real, live, human audiences via quality digital media. AppNexus has built sophisticated, in-house, data-science powered technology that applies non-human traffic detection to each impression you buy. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring inventory quality for buyers.

Make smarter deals with bid-level insights

Analyze performance at blazing speed. Near real-time metrics not only show you whether a deal is delivering– they also give you up to 30 reasons why a deal may be underperforming. With Advanced Deal metrics, you gain fast diagnostics about any issues related to deal underperformance – fast enough for you to readjust your deal buying strategy in near-real time.


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