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Do you want to understand how cutting-edge programmatic technology works intrinsically, without even a hint of marketing hype? That’s where AppNexus services and customer education can help. Our dedicated teams provide an array of flexible training and support options that hone your competitive advantage and unlock the full potential of AppNexus technology.

Get up to speed on programmatic technology

Stay on the cutting edge of programmatic education with self-paced online courses. AppNexus e-learning covers an array of important programmatic topics for professionals of all skill levels. Courses are short, engaging and accessible on your schedule - seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Keep your skills razor sharp with highly interactive classroom training

At AppNexus, we host virtual and in-person practice sessions with expert trainers on a range of core programmatic topics. We also offer implementation support geared specifically to your individual business – ensuring you have the necessary programmatic skill sets to achieve and exceed expectations.

Train & Trade with the AppNexus services team

With AppNexus Train & Trade program, execute your programmatic buys with support from top minds in digital marketing. We tailor the programmatic learning curve to your own pace, bringing you incremental levels of service to match your business-specific needs.

Don’t just practice your programmatic skills. Showcase them.

If you have the right skill mix to win at programmatic, why keep it a secret? By successfully earning an AppNexus Buy-Side Essentials Platform Certificate, you demonstrate knowledge validated by one of programmatic advertising’s first-ever pioneers – and show the world you mean business.

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