Real-Time Signals & Analytics

In a real-time media environment, buyers require real-time agility. With AppNexus, access powerful insights to make hyper-intelligent, data-driven decisions for every one of your brand’s consumer engagements online.

Make smarter bidding decisions with market-rate estimation

Acquire the media needed to ensure campaign success faster than ever. Using market-rate estimation, you pay the optimum price for the media you want, eliminating wasted media investment and increasing execution efficiency. Activate market rate estimation in custom AppNexus Programmable Bidder algorithms or site targeting and optimization.

Buy ads people actually see

Buy viewable inventory more intelligently using AppNexus’ sophisticated pre-bid viewability prediction signal. Leverage a powerful machine learning signal built on AppNexus’ scaled volume of viewable measurement data. Put your viewable prediction data to work either through AppNexus Programmable Bidder’s optimization algorithms or via site targeting and optimization.

Optimize campaigns with streaming performance insights

Every data point you collect presents a new opportunity for understanding your audience. By providing you with over 130 attribute metrics for each impression you purchase, AppNexus delivers in-depth performance analysis like no other platform. AppNexus streaming data places near real-time insights at your fingertips, paving the way for endless advanced optimization and measurement. 

Activate and update audiences in real-time

Sophisticated audience activation, realized.  Leverage a pixel-free streaming data service that makes any consumer’s site-based action targetable in near real-time. Instant Audience Service allows savvy buyers to execute sophisticated use-cases including consumer-level valuation and bidding or real-time offer customization.

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