If your target audience is mobile, AppNexus is your partner to drive high-performance advertising. From turnkey customer data activation to advanced targeting tools, AppNexus offers the tools to holistically pinpoint and reach your mobile audience. Tap rich mobile display and video formats to increase impact while customers are on-the-go. And maximize media spend with technology that finds the most direct path for every impression.

Stay in touch with on-the-go mobile consumers

Reach your audience where they spend most of their digital lives with access to our unique, premium mobile inventory. AppNexus provides you with an array of tools to reach desired audiences using quality mobile display and video media. It also lets you choose how you want to engage mobile users, whether that’s through direct publisher deals, private marketplaces or real-time auctions. Whatever you pick, AppNexus offers transparent access to quality media.

Locate your users with hyper-precision

Manage your mobile campaign targeting easily, with the same fluency you'd have when targeting traditional desktop campaigns – while incorporating additional mobile targeting parameters. Target by device type, operating system, geographic location and ISP to reach your mobile audience with hyper-precision.

Reach on-the-go audiences at on-the-money prices

Console provides buyers with deep audience reach using premium publishers across mobile display and video inventory. AppNexus offers maximum buying power to drive performance objectives with transparent, low take rates and proprietary supply optimization for every transaction.

Unleash your audience data

Activate customer data in near real-time to increase the effectiveness of your brand performance campaigns on mobile. AppNexus also allows you to access an array of location and real-time targeting scenarios through integrated partners in the Data Marketplace.

Build smarter mobile campaigns

Tap unique mobile parameters in AppNexus Programmable Bidder to realize enhanced performance. Couple programmable bidding with real-time, user-level insights to gain increased optimization agility across your mobile or omni-channel campaign. 


Eric Hoffert, SVP, Video Technology at AppNexus discusses getting publishers more value from digital media with Tom Pachys, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Playbuzz.

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