Your target audience, delivered. With world-class targeting technology and deep reserves of quality inventory on a scaled real-time technology platform, you can easily locate the right consumers and execute successful display, omni-channel campaigns on a truly global scale.

Protect your media investment

Never pay for invalid impressions again. AppNexus Spend Protection is a verification program that refunds the full cost of any off-policy media as determined by third-party media quality measurement providers. The AppNexus buy-side offering also comes with an inventory quality toolset that’s resilient and robust, with key features like advanced pre-bid policy enforcement and domain transparency across all media. 

Use one platform to manage all your campaign channels

Reach your target consumers wherever they spend their time online. AppNexus’ omni-channel buying tools allow you to execute and optimize standard, custom and rich-media display campaigns across desktop, tablets and smartphone devices – all powered by one of the most sophisticated buying platforms in-market today.

Safeguard your brand’s online presence

Maintain your brand’s integrity with built-in targeting controls that ensure your creatives show up only in appropriate and relevant environments. Leverage AppNexus' pre-bid verification toolset or easily activate your preferred third-party verification provider to ensure your advertising appears exactly where you expect it to.  

Build smarter omni-channel campaigns

Unlock enhanced omni-channel campaign performance with AppNexus Programmable Bidder. Couple customized optimization with real-time, user-level insights to realize superior optimization agility across your desktop display or omni-channel campaign.

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