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Advertisers have more data at their fingertips than ever before, but putting that trove of information to use can be cumbersome and challenging. The AppNexus Data Marketplace offers you simple, cost-efficient access to industry-leading data providers, and a streamlined workflow for acquiring and applying your data. From a single touch point, you can effectively manage activation, reporting, and consolidated billing across the full AppNexus partner network.

Access the data you need at the moment you need it

AppNexus' Data Marketplace lets you click-and-pick the data types best suited for your campaign’s particular attributes and performance objectives.  With consolidated access to over 20 third-party data providers in a single buying interface, you’re free to create instant relationships with leading data providers across a wide swathe of industry verticals – all with a simple click.

Go from insight to action in real-time

You don’t have to wait a single moment for data to load into your campaign. AppNexus provides you with data segment selection and activation tools directly within your campaign setup workflow, saving your ad operations team precious time and resources. Sophisticated segment targeting logic that’s easy to set up ensures that you’re able to find and engage your exact audience with accuracy and speed. 

Benefit from flexible data-reporting insights

With inline reporting and easily accessible data cost metrics, you can quickly take stock of the success of campaigns, and then funnel those insights into your next round of ad buys. Data segment attributes, usage, and cost reporting are all available – and are ready to run in near-real time. 

Make billing a breeze

Here’s how it works: You activate the data you need to reach your audience; we take care of the back-end billing. With AppNexus Data Marketplace, the headache of managing individual contracts and billing processes with each and every data partner becomes a thing of the past. AppNexus handles all your data payment and foreign exchange clearing for you – giving you a single, aggregate, end-of-month invoice for all data used.

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