We’re a far cry from the days of desktop-only advertising. Today’s buyers require sophisticated creative strategies for a full spectrum of screens and formats. At AppNexus, we’ve developed a complete, easy-to-use toolset for building the creatives necessary for a successful omni-channel campaign. And with innovative tools for emerging programmatic channels like audio and native, we’re on constant lookout for the next, big thing.

Streamline your creative management with a single platform

Avoid the errors and execution hassles that come with managing multiple ad-serving platforms. AppNexus’ turnkey creative hosting gives you a single, intuitive platform for managing banner, video, native, audio and HTML5 formats across devices – so you can save time for more strategic thinking.

Experience peace of mind with end-to-end creative management tools

AppNexus' buy-side offering’s omni-channel management tools streamline even the most complex creative campaigns. Intuitive, bulk-upload tools decrease campaign setup complexity. Meanwhile, omni-channel creative trafficking flawlessly delivers creative across multiple devices. 

Simplify the way you build custom creatives

Never compromise between creative sophistication and executional ease. By designing and building creative templates inside the AppNexus platform, you can greatly simplify trafficking for complex creative formats. By using AppNexus' creative templating tools, ad operations professionals without coding skills can easily assemble creative assets into complex creative formats – making turnkey programmatic creative execution a reality.

Explore the full range of creative possibilities

Cross-channel creative authoring and programmatic platforms are no longer mutually exclusive. Tap the AppNexus App Marketplace to access your preferred creative authoring toolsets for complex ads, allowing you to build and customize rich media creatives on the same platform you use for omni-channel programmatic buying.

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