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Built for professional traders who need advanced technology to achieve deeper customization, greater efficiency, and better optimization.

AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) is the industry’s first programmable DSP. It places control in the hands of the trader so he or she can devote more time to customizing advertising campaigns that achieve powerful outcomes, and less time on basic use cases, set-up, and manual intervention.

It’s the first trading platform that empowers traders to buy automatically on views – the emerging currency in programmatic – rather than impressions.

And it enables people-based advertising at scale on the open internet – a key competitive advantage in our data-driven environment.

APP offers both power and control – a balance that every media buyer needs in his or her trading platform.


How the DSPs of the Future will Revolutionize Digital Advertising

Ad tech is supposed to reduce complexity and enable advertisers to run campaigns that utilize all the different moving parts that make up the open internet. But instead, advertisers have to deal with a complicated system of intermediaries and unintuitive workflows that haven’t adapted to today’s technology. AppNexus' latest free whitepaper will discuss the major pain points preventing the traditional DSP from reaching its full potential, and explore how a modern DSP that enables programmability, efficiency, and optimization will empower traders to succeed in today’s programmatic landscape.

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Do More with AppNexus

Unlock high-performance advertising with programmable bidding

Take control over the bidding process inside an entirely open platform. Unlock the full value of proprietary data with rich, advertiser-customized buying models that find the right users at the right time and bidding the right price for every digital impression.

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Increase your buying intelligence with a fully open data loop

Leverage a fully open data return path available to buyers. Console offers powerful data intelligence – including bid stream, transacted impression logs, and segment activation services – in near real time in order to inform highly sophisticated targeting and performance optimization strategies. 

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Activate cutting-edge viewable performance tools, today

Access a range of native solutions to power increased viewable results. From MRC-accredited viewability measurement and viewable deals, to predictive media viewability signals available for manual or customized optimization, Console offers powerful tools that increase viewable media performance.

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Efficiently buy quality, performant digital media

AppNexus supply – directly available on Console – provides predictable, holistic access to all the media that’s fit to buy through real-time bidding and deals. This supply provides robust, transparent and efficient access to the quality, performant real time media available programmatically – enabling you to hit all your delivery, performance or audience-reach goals.

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Build your own solutions on top of our open APIs

Console was built to perform better. Console is a fully open platform offering near-infinite opportunities for customization on 200+ comprehensive and robust open APIs. AppNexus Console is used to power customized programmatic buying solutions for leading brands and advertisers, worldwide.

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Get the most for your budget with low, transparent pricing

Realize increased value from a low-cost, efficient, and transparent technology provider. Because Console sits atop a scaled, global real-time decisioning platform, AppNexus offers unmatched low technology fees for buyers.

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