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AppNexus Console

A scaled enterprise platform that puts you in complete control of open, machine learning buying and optimization tools for today’s most challenging media strategies.

Console offers powerful optimization through AppNexus Programmable Bidder, a transformational technology for building customized buying algorithms focused on your precise performance objectives – not expensive commodity bidder infrastructure from scratch. Console also reveals unprecedented data insights in near real-time, combining agility with a completely open data return path. And because of its modular architecture, Console supports exceptional flexibility to build proprietary extensions, leverage ecosystem partner products and services, or use built-in modular components, resulting in fully-customized solutions for every buyer.

Built on modularity and total programmability, AppNexus Console helps buyers realize accelerated time to value and solution differentiation. In fact, Console buyers are already experiencing how state-of-the-art outcomes like hyper-personalization at scale and superior customer acquisition efficiency are dramatically affecting their bottom line.

With AppNexus Console, high performance with tomorrow’s technology is here, today.

Do More with AppNexus

Unlock high-performance advertising with programmable bidding

Take control over the bidding process inside an entirely open platform. Unlock the full value of proprietary data with rich, advertiser-customized buying models that find the right users at the right time and bidding the right price for every digital impression.

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Increase your buying intelligence with a fully open data loop

Leverage a fully open data return path available to buyers. Console offers powerful data intelligence – including bid stream, transacted impression logs, and segment activation services – in near real time in order to inform highly sophisticated targeting and performance optimization strategies. 

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Activate cutting-edge viewable performance tools, today

Access a range of native solutions to power increased viewable results. From MRC-accredited viewability measurement and viewable deals, to predictive media viewability signals available for manual or customized optimization, Console offers powerful tools that increase viewable media performance.

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Efficiently buy quality, performant digital media

AppNexus supply – directly available on Console – provides predictable, holistic access to all the media that’s fit to buy through real-time bidding and deals. This supply provides robust, transparent and efficient access to the quality, performant real time media available programmatically – enabling you to hit all your delivery, performance or audience-reach goals.

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Build your own solutions on top of our open APIs

Console was built to perform better. Console is a fully open platform offering near-infinite opportunities for customization on 200+ comprehensive and robust open APIs. AppNexus Console is used to power customized programmatic buying solutions for leading brands and advertisers, worldwide.

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Get the most for your budget with low, transparent pricing

Realize increased value from a low-cost, efficient, and transparent technology provider. Because Console sits atop a scaled, global real-time decisioning platform, AppNexus offers unmatched low technology fees for buyers.

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