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Where machine learning meets intelligent ad buying

As machine learning is making everything more intelligent, AppNexus is using it to redefine the ad tech industry.

Machine learning is making decision-making more intelligent at speeds and volumes that are setting a new bar across virtually every industry. It’s allowing businesses and consumers alike to make in-the-moment decisions, see real-time trends, and be predictive in a way that wasn’t possible just 5 years ago.

From the same company that revolutionized media buying with programmatic advertising, AppNexus is once again redefining the industry with machine learning. Through real-time decisioning technology, choices that used to take marketers days to make can now be automated and executed in a matter of milliseconds.

And by creating a seamless feedback loop between a brand’s decisioning logic and its consumer touchpoints, AppNexus is combining data and machine learning to build campaigns that actually grow smarter over time. The result is hyper-personalization at scale, a world where marketers can deliver targeted ads to tens of millions of users, spread out across billions of interconnected devices, all over the world.

It’s the future of advertising, available today.


AppNexus Console

AppNexus Console combines modularity and high-powered programmable tools that help buyers realize accelerated time-to-value and solution differentiation. Console buyers have quickly realized state-of-the-art outcomes like hyper-personalization at scale and increased customer acquisition efficiency. 

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Build rich, customized buying algorithms that find the right users at the right time and bid the right price for every digital impression.

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Measure how many people actually see your ads online with our native, Media Ratings Council-accredited viewability solution – free of charge for all customers.

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Enjoy cost efficient access to industry leading data providers through platform integrated data activation, reporting, and consolidated billing across our partner network. 

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Leverage real-time data solutions across the buying lifecycle to drive hyper-intelligent decisions for every single brand engagement online.   

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