Our Vision for the Future of Buy-Side Programmatic

What will the next ten years look like for digital marketers and advertisers?

It’s a question that assumed primacy this summer, when AppNexus’ management team gathered for their annual strategy offsite in New York’s Hudson Valley and observed two nearly concurrent decennial milestones: the tenth anniversary of real-time-bidding, which ushered in the programmatic revolution, and the tenth anniversary of AppNexus, the company that influenced so much of programmatic’s formative period.

Publishers are ready for the future: they’ve adopted header bidding and torn down walls that once held them captive behind the heavily-fortified – and heavily-taxed – Google fortress.

But we still haven’t resolved basic concerns that are preventing marketers from shifting budgets to programmatic. Ten years into the programmatic age, many CMOs remain skeptical.

AppNexus has been investing in its buy-side capabilities to address key advertiser challenges and prepare for the next ten years of programmatic. This week, we put out several stories outlining and supporting our vision. In case you missed them, here’s a brief recap:

In this article for Adweek, we laid out some long-term strategies to make programmatic a more transparent, reliable, ROI-positive channel for advertisers. We envision a future in which emerging technologies like machine learning and blockchain move us toward a world of guaranteed-viewable transactions, more transparent and direct paths to supply, and brand safety standards that ensure no advertiser's reputation is damaged.

However, that’s not to say that there aren’t steps we can take today using the tools we already have to start improving programmatic. In an interview this week with The Drum, AppNexus’ CEO, Brian O’Kelley, outlines a few ways advertisers can start auditing the supply chain and eliminating middlemen whose value-add doesn’t justify their cost.

Finally, we shared news of two buy-side partnerships, one new and one old. Zeta Global is our latest enterprise client on the buy-side. As a result of this partnership, marketers will get to combine the reach of our programmatic advertising with the personalization of Zeta’s enormous CRM database. Media iQ, on the other hand, has been working with us for seven years now to build predictive audience targeting models on top of our platform. We are pleased to share that through their partnership with AppNexus, Media iQ was able to grow their programmatic business more than 100%.

AppNexus is committed to continue helping advertisers reach their audiences on the open internet.

But what about our vision for publishers? Download our latest header bidding white paper to learn everything you need to know!

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