Infographic: Server-to-Server Header Bidding Explained

Server-to-server header bidding is gaining popularity, as it promises to improve on the client-side header bidding setup that's already gotten great results for publishers. But at the same time, many publishers don't know exactly how it works or whether or not they should be experimenting with it.

If you're in that boat, then not to worry -- AppNexus has you covered. We've created a handy infographic that compares the ad call process for server-to-server versus client-side header bidding and lays out the potential pros and cons of each. Check it out below!

And, if you'd like a more comprehensive, in-depth comparison, you can always download our full server-to-server header bidding guide!

Note: The image below is a preview of the infographic. Please click it to see the whole thing!

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