In support of Governor Cuomo’s agenda to invest in Computer Science education and grow New York’s tech workforce

The advent of the tech economy has fundamentally shaped the democratic world. We have today, literally at our fingertips, more access to conversation and information than ever before. There is massive potential in this unprecedented interconnectivity: to provide social services, prepare for emergencies, improve infrastructure and grow industry.

Our mandate now is to properly equip our children and communities to participate in the digital economy. The last few months have starkly elucidated the insecurity felt by much of the country’s workforce, as technology advances at a rapid pace, but national technical knowledge and skills lag behind.

This month, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, in his State of the State address, doubled down on his commitment to growing New York's digital workforce and advancing the tech industry, ensuring the state's businesses and workers thrive in a competitive 21st century economy.

The Governor has laid out a comprehensive plan to modernize K-12 education, college curricula, the workforce and economic development initiatives. An investment in K-12 education includes ten new Early College High Schools with pathways to tech jobs, offers professional training and mentorship for Computer Science teachers and expands the teaching of Computer Science in schools. The creation of a Tech Workforce Training Fund will equip New Yorkers for jobs in lucrative and fulfilling technical occupations like data science and software engineering across the state.

These initiatives resound personally with us at AppNexus. New York City has been our gracious host and supportive incubator as we have developed and thrived over the last nine years. The palpable vitality of the city – far removed from the digitally-saturated, often vacuously-inventive West Coast – has inspired us in so many ways to identify shortcomings in our market landscape and community and seek solutions which powerfully and ethically advance the internet and the economy.

One of AppNexus’ values is to “see and improve the whole system,” and New York presents economic, political and social challenges – both endemic to the state and pertinent to the nation – that can be addressed and mended with technology. In partnership with Mayor Bill de Blasio, AppNexus takes an active role in building a diverse and robust tech workforce in New York City. Among other on-going commitments with the city, we are a founding member of the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline Advisory Board, comprised of 27 CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and senior executives, dedicated to defining employer needs and developing and testing training and education solutions to meet the skills gap.

Bolstered by the support of Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, New York is not just an exciting place to be… it is the place to be in tech right now. The Governor’s announced investments herald real evolution of the state’s economy, and we look forward to lending our support to his administration as it rolls out these initiatives.

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