How AppNexus can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

It’s a tradition maybe as old as celebrating New Year’s itself: On Jan. 1 of each year, billions of people take the plunge and resolve that this will be the year they change such and such about their lives: no ands, ifs, buts or backsies. But transforming yourself in 365 days depends, in part, on how well you know yourself as a person – and on how much data you’ve collected about the ways in which you spend your habitual time and energy. That’s tricky enough, but it gets even trickier: It also depends on how well you’re able to forecast what life events are coming your way over the next twelve months.

At AppNexus, we’re all about the people – and the businesses – who firmly resolve to reinvent themselves: once and for all and for the better. In fact, it’s actually a big part of our job: We provide businesses with enough data that they’re able to forecast and predict whatever news ahead for them – both good and bad – so they can find ways to achieve their business resolutions for the better.

On that note, we’ve got two major predictions for the coming year (and feel free to call them “analytical forecasts”, if you’re into ad-tech jargon) – as well as a sea of additional (and likely) trends. Here’s what we’re thinking for 2017:

Data will rule

With technologies like ours; ones able to stream over 100 singular data points in near-real time to clients, we’re in a position to say it and really mean it: By gathering real-time data (especially first-party, proprietary data) on your audiences, you’re setting yourself up for the big win over the next four business quarters. Device ID, geo-location, time of day or night and factors like recency will help determine the accuracy of ad-serving more than ever before. For those who want to live in a world where mobile isn’t king and contextual marketing isn’t in their lexicon – don’t tell us we didn’t warn you! J

Content will still matter – except even more so

Our digital advertising ecosystem knows how to build calls to action better than anyone in world history (while that’s just a guess, it’s definitely an educated one). What advertisers and publishers haven’t quite mastered yet – not at least to the degree that we predict they will – is how to create content that’s contextual, engaging and up to speed with an individual consumer’s moment-by-moment wants and needs. In other words, we need to think beyond mere “creative, omni-channel messaging,” here. We need advertisers and publishers who are able to craft real and meaningful stories that can move a person in ways that mere advertising can’t.

Other fast-moving developments 

There’s a lot to add in terms of predictions, here: enough to fill a whitepaper or 10. But for brevity’s sake, let’s just say that buyers and sellers will need to pay close attention to forthcoming needs such as these: Providing individuals with better user experiences (i.e. creating ads that don’t make audiences reach for their ad-blocking tools); or being able to synchronize first-, second-, and third-party data over different channels to create a seamless brand experience for today’s half-desktop, half-mobile, always-connected consumer; or the expansion of programmatic so it includes rapidly growing markets such as audio or native. Finally, given all the mergers and acquisitions happening already this year, companies should be prepared for a consolidation of our ad-tech industry like never before.

That’s all the forecasting that’s fit to print, right this minute.
Check out all of the predictions below.

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