AdExchanger Gets It Wrong


No one is perfect. We all get it wrong sometimes. That includes us. And it includes the smart and hard-working journalists who cover our company and our industry.

Earlier today, one of the leading trade publications that covers programmatic advertising ran a story speculating that AppNexus is pulling back from its buy-side business.

There's no other way to say it: the article is incorrect. We’re fiercely devoted to helping our customers win. And we put resources behind that commitment.

Approximately 330 of our approximately 1000 employees are sales and account management professionals, engineers, product managers, and data scientists dedicated to building for – and working with – marketers, agencies, and other buy-side partners. That’s one-third of our workforce!

Indeed, AppNexus continues to invest extensive product and engineering resources to develop platform, marketplace, and enterprise technology that empowers our buy-side customers. Particularly, we’re building advanced machine learning capabilities that empower buyers to deliver campaigns that grow smarter over time, in brand-safe environments.

We have been a leader in developing technology that enables buyers to customize data-driven buying strategies, including the AppNexus Programmable Bidder. Additionally, we continue to invest in platform capabilities like our open APIs and real-time data feeds. These capabilities are critical for our buy-side customers. We’re also leading the industry in developing Supply Path Optimization to offer the most direct path between buyers and sellers, eliminate inefficiencies, and create a more transparent auction.

Just last week, our CEO, Brian O’Kelley, published a piece in Adweek outlining elements of our buy-side vision and sat down with The Drum to discuss at length what AppNexus anticipates for its buy-side customers in the year to come. We also announced the results of an important partnership, and a new customer engagement, all in the space of a few days.

Does that mean we swing at every pitch that comes our way? Of course not. Like any responsible company, we try to stay firmly in our strike zone (and, when we can, we expand that strike zone). We’re a technology company that long ago decided not to build a managed services business. Our technology is a perfect fit for some marketers and agencies, and not for others.

It’s our honor to be the technology partner to some of the world’s largest and most important buyers of digital advertising. We view the article in question as an honest mistake. We won’t let it distract us from delivering great technology for the marketers, agencies, and other buy-side customers that rely on us. That’s our commitment.

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