Why AppNexus does not support the Acceptable Ads Platform

AppNexus thinks of the advertising ecosystem as a virtuous circle that connects advertisers, publishers, and consumers in a commonality of interests. Consumers rely on publishers for free access content, games, journalism, and social networking. Publishers rely on marketers to fund that content through quality advertising. And marketers rely on publishers to engage their audiences.

The virtuous circle is effectively a moral economy. When the system breaks down, the open internet becomes smaller. We stand firmly behind publishers in their attempts to monetize the content they work so hard to produce. We stand firmly behind consumers in their efforts to ensure a fast, safe internet experience. And we stand firmly behind marketers seeking to engage consumers through quality advertising.

While we respect consumers’ desire to use adblocking software, we absolutely do not believe that adblocking software should ransom advertising space in order to monetize consumer trust. This is no different than many of the other malicious business models that have destroyed consumer trust in advertising and the internet. AppNexus will not support AdBlockPlus or any other toolbar that tries to monetize publisher inventory without their participation. This practice violates our core company tenets.

Today, Eyeo GmbH, in partnership with ComboTag, announced the launch of the Acceptable Ads Platform, an exchange that will enable publishers and advertisers to work around its own ad blocking software, Adblock Plus. As part of the announcement, Eyeo named AppNexus as a demand source to help monetize its exchange.

To clarify, while ComboTag has been an active client with AppNexus, we have not — and will not — allow them to use our platform to monetize Eyeo and AdBlocker Plus.

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