The Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Mobile Inventory with AppNexus


Though people around the world are becoming increasingly attached to their smartphones and tablets, reaching consumers on these devices at scale remains a major challenge for advertisers. Even with the right creative in hand, media buyers have struggled to find a platform that won’t charge them unreasonable take rates or limit the range of inventory they can purchase.

Fortunately, a better solution exists. With AppNexus, marketers can have complete confidence that they’ll be able to achieve the scale and efficiency they’ve always wanted for their mobile campaigns. Here are five reasons why:

  1. AppNexus gives buyers a first look at the inventory: Since AppNexus doesn’t own media, we have no incentive to prioritize some buyers ahead of others. When you bid on inventory held by publishers that have installed our SDK, you enter a true, unified auction, where every buyer sees the impression at the same time. This means you have equal access to quality impressions, rather than being limited to someone else’s scraps. And if the publisher uses AppNexus PriceCheck—header bidding solution for mobile apps—to appraise its inventory, you actually get a chance to see the impression prior to competitors who buy through other channels.
  1. It’s never been easier to find and purchase premium mobile inventory. For years, marketers have wanted to buy high-quality mobile impressions via private marketplaces, but not enough sellers have had the technology to make it work. AppNexus gives publishers access to a suite of tools that help them set up private exchanges to connect safely with buyers — regardless of the other technology platforms either side is using. Buyers and sellers can both bring their data  to the table for agreed upon attractive terms
  1. Lower take rates ensure your budget goes to media, not markups. When buyers purchase inventory through an open exchange, up to 50% of their bid value can be gobbled by service fees. All too often, marketers attempt to offer a $1 CPM, only to find out that their bid has been whittled down to a paltry $0.50 CPM by the time it actually runs in the seller’s auction. AppNexus has some of the lowest take rates in the industry, allowing you to bid more competitively and get the most out of your media budgets.
  1. You don’t have to choose between mobile apps and the mobile web. Unlike on some other platforms, AppNexus media buyers can purchase inventory in mobile apps and on the mobile web through the very same pipes. Buyers these days are more sophisticated than ever before, and we don’t see any reason to limit their options.
  1. Scale, scale, scale. In addition to the mobile inventory available directly on the AppNexus platform, we also have integrations with virtually every other SSP that matters. This gives marketers the opportunity to extend their buys across multiple platforms, ensuring they’ll meet their delivery goals no matter what. With the world’s largest supply partners on our platform, AppNexus offers the most innovative ways to monetize your mobile inventory.


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