The Brown Couch Session: Exploring the AppNexus London Office

In 2007 AppNexus was founded in CEO Brian O’Kelley’s apartment on his brown couch. With over 1,000 employees in 23 offices around the world, AppNexus has seen tremendous growth since. Interested in learning about what’s inspiring us now? Tune into the Brown Couch Series and find out first hand. Each month we will feature a different AppNexian, giving you insight into their experiences at AppNexus—learn about what drives them at work, challenges they’ve faced, and connections they’ve made at AppNexus.

Meet Kaspar, Engagement Manager, EMEA

Kaspar joined AppNexus in 2013 as part of our first campus class. Born and raised in Estonia, Kaspar came to the United States to study politics at Princeton University. When deciding where to take his career when graduating nothing excited him more than working in a rapid-growing industry. That is when AdTech and AppNexus caught his eye. Starting as an Associate Account Manager in our London office, Kaspar has worked on the Client Advisory team and works with clients to help them build their businesses.

AppNexus: What attracted you to AppNexus and why did you join?

Kaspar: I think AppNexus’ biggest draws are the people and the space. When I started looking around the AdTech space it was moving so quickly – there was so much going on that I thought it would be the ideal place for me to jump in and become an expert so as to impact a company from day one. Everyone I met during the interviews was absolutely amazing, and that’s what really started drawing me in. As soon as I started, I realized that this was not a one-off: everyone here is extremely intelligent, driven and focused on making this happen.

AppNexus: What does growth at AppNexus mean to you?

Kaspar: Growth at AppNexus has been an invaluable learning opportunity. When I first joined we were only 300 people; now we’re over 1,000, and I’ve been here through the entire process. I’ve seen us go from a small start-up company to a mid-sized company, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

AppNexus: Learn and Teach is an AppNexus core value, describe how you’ve experienced it here.

AppNexus: What new skills have you learned since joining AppNexus?

Kaspar: At AppNexus, I’ve learned how to think in a scalable fashion, not only in solving individual projects but also in how you look for trends and find ways for the company to leverage your knowledge. There is so much complexity here. Also, I came from a politics background, without any concept of technology, but thanks to AppNexus I now have the knowledge and understanding to have in-depth technical discussions with CTO’s and technical heads of our most advance customers.

AppNexus: What does community at AppNexus mean to you?

Kaspar: Community at AppNexus means having a group of friends who you also happen to work with. I think the reason I consider my colleagues my friends at AppNexus is that everyone is very interesting and approachable. One of my favorite things about our London office is Friday family lunch. In London, we all sit down at one table and talk about everything in the world, there is never a topic that we can’t discuss. I typically end lunch with sore abs from laughing the entire time.

AppNexus: Describe the European community at AppNexus.

AppNexus: If someone out there was considering applying to AppNexus, why would you tell them to join today?

Kaspar: I think right now is an amazing time to join AppNexus. The industry is rapidly changing, so you can come in and have an impact from the get-go.


About AppNexus London:
Our London office is AppNexus’ European Headquarters, leading the charge for building the AppNexus brand in Europe. The AppNexians “Redcoats,” as they call themselves, are a mix of Sales, Services and Marketing teams. The AppNexus London team is on the front lines for securing new business and onboarding our European clients. We are located in Central London, with Hyde Park, Regents Park, Covent Garden and the British Museum all within a mile radius of our office. Check out our open positions and join our team!

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