Introducing the AppNexus Publisher Suite: The Independent Alternative

The AppNexus mission—to create a better Internet—guides everything we build. We are committed to empowering publishers to monetize their content, helping advertisers deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and cost, while enhancing the online experience of end consumers.

Our focus in the Publisher Technology Group is to build solutions for publishers that directly enable them to monetize their inventory and drive revenue. It pays for the great journalism, music, film, games and culture consumers enjoy. Without advertising, this content will fall either behind a pay wall or disappear.

I’m particularly excited to announce the AppNexus Publisher Suite because it is the powerful end-to-end publisher solution we’ve been building from the ground up for years, making it the only full-stack publisher monetization product that is 100% independent and 100% aligned with publisher interests.

What the AppNexus Publisher Suite Does

The AppNexus Publisher Suite is a one-stop, full-stack platform that powers planning and forecasting, direct campaign management, diverse marketplace sales, audience extension, and ad serving – all in one seamless solution.


With the AppNexus Publisher Suite, publishers can now:

  • Access the largest open exchange for increased demand
  • Monetize with open dynamic allocation across real-time bidding, deals, programmatic guaranteed, header bidding, and mediation
  • Gain complete cross-channel visibility using the industry’s most accurate forecasting and comprehensive analytics tools
  • Leverage AppNexus’ buy-side capabilities for audience extension with a 100% cookie match, margin controls, and reporting

These capabilities enable publishers to boost monetization, extend their audiences for additional revenue, achieve new economies of scale and increase efficiencies.

The Importance of Independence

If the company operating an ad tech platform is also a media company, it’s likely its interests conflict with those of its customers. Why should a publisher trust a competing content provider with the monetization of its inventory; and why should an advertiser entrust its budget to a media company that is incentivized to divert ad dollars to its digital properties?

For example, if Google weren’t incentivized to leverage its technology platform to benefit its own business, would header bidding be the widespread technique publishers need to level the playing field and form true competition without bias toward any one demand source?

The reason for publishers to take the risk of trusting a platform that is also a media company is the supremacy of the platform’s technology. And until now, Google’s DoubleClick was the only game in town.

With the AppNexus Publisher Suite, we are now the only viable alternative to Google. But we also have a very important distinction: our interests are wholly aligned with our clients’.

One Step Closer to the Future of Yield Management

The AppNexus Publisher Suite finally gives publishers the option of working with a powerful, open platform that lets them control their data and allocation. But the best is yet to come. We work with some of the smartest publishers out there, and we can’t wait to see them implement the yield management techniques that are only possible with full-stack, integrated platforms. We predict publishers will be able to monetize their inventory in ways that weren’t possible before, thus driving the future of media on the Internet forward.

The existing fragmented ecosystem forces publishers to turn to multiple SSPs and exchange partners to sell both Class 1 (guaranteed) and Class 2 (non-guaranteed) inventory. This causes too much friction, inefficiency, and room for arbitrage. The primary objective — securing maximum yield for inventory — is sacrificed to complexity.

An end-to-end solution, however, enables a seamless, integrated system for data optimization and segmentation, forecasting, floor pricing, and execution. Automated Guaranteed alongside Deals, RTB, and mediation allows competition between Class 1 and Class 2 inventory for greater holistic yield. And with an open, full-stack platform, publishers can access a marketplace in which all buyers have access to every impression. They’ll also get a system in which availability is based on price and bookings are biased to preserve value.

But the opportunity here isn’t just about the technology; it’s also about the people. In the not-so-distant future, an automated unified yield management platform will prevent people from wasting time trafficking ads on a day-to-day basis. Publishers can empower their best ad sales resources to focus on longer-term opportunities and their best operations resources can focus on driving yield and results.

The opportunity for yield management, driven by an open, full-stack platform, is huge. And by empowering publishers to better monetize their content, we’re improving the Internet for all.



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