AppNexus’ video buying product bursts the video cost bubble with superior audience reach and supply; moves to general availability release


AppNexus was always insistent that we’d make a full entry into the video market when we could introduce a product every bit as scalable and efficient as our display platform. Indeed, similar to the display market, we observed a fundamental problem in how video is bought and sold in the market today: video publishers aren’t getting the revenue they deserve and advertisers are paying too much for their media. In June, we announced our entry into the programmatic video market with a new world-class team of engineers and technologists. Our mission was to burst this video cost bubble.

Today, we’re excited to share results of our Beta testing, including news of how Collective UK and Xaxis EMEA increased their video buying power using our solution, and to announce the general availability of AppNexus’ video buying product with a group of leading industry supply partners.

Insights from our Beta

Based on conversations with clients who tested our product over the past few months, we’ve consistently heard our video buying solution achieves greater audience reach at a fraction of the cost of competitors’ solutions. Buyers have shared they’ve experienced:

  • Audience reach of 10x to 100x better than competitors
  • Video engagement / click through rates increased by 300% or more
  • Video costs for buying that are 30% to 60% lower than competitors


In short, we’re successfully enabling video advertisers to get the same number of impressions (or more), with better audience reach or engagement performance, for less money.

AppNexus boosts video buying power for Collective UK and Xaxis EMEA

In addition to designing a product that drives value, we wanted to enable buyers to leverage their own data and unique technology to reach their target audiences efficiently and at scale. Collective, the multiscreen programmatic media company, built a solution on our open platform that works with their own unique targeting technology. They integrated their TV Accelerator product to enable advertisers to measure multi-screen digital (desktop, mobile, and tablet) activity alongside TV campaigns. This allows them to reach audiences of a TV channel, program, genre, or competitor on both video and display inventory at the same time.

“We integrated with AppNexus to deliver Collective’s complete programmatic technology solution across multiple screens and formats,” said Tim Hussain, Director of Product Strategy at Collective UK. “This allows us to deliver award-winning creative across quality, multi-format inventory, and deliver the complete media solution that big brand advertisers demand.”

Xaxis, the programmatic media platform within the advertising agency holding group, WPP, also utilizes AppNexus in combination with their own proprietary technology to increase their video buying effectiveness across Europe. Xaxis rolled out the AppNexus video buying solution in ten countries in conjunction with Turbine, their Data Management Platform, to enable real-time, granular targeting for their clients. In addition to the application of proprietary real-time data to power client success, increasing trader efficiency is key for Xaxis. Xaxis already leverages AppNexus for media buying across other formats, and the ability to use a single solution for display, mobile, and video saves valuable operational time.

As a single platform, AppNexus is able to forge highly liquid marketplaces across both video and display for increased value and efficiency for buyers. Xaxis EMEA and Collective UK are seeing financial efficiencies working in favor of their clients. Tim shared, “We've used AppNexus Video on selected campaigns for leading advertisers, and have been impressed with scale we achieved across Europe. We’ve also seen engagement performance increases of up to four-times compared to what we typically see.”

AppNexus launches open video supply platform with leading industry partners

In addition to these client successes with video buying, AppNexus is taking a leadership position in building out an open programmatic video and managed network video solution. Larger video buying competitors are building walled gardens that reduce choice, flexibility, and buying power for marketers and advertisers. AppNexus is working to build the opposite: an open and cost-efficient solution that provides the same scale advantages but empowers our clients to customize their offerings and provide differentiated value to marketers and advertisers.

AppNexus is thrilled to partner with a terrific set of industry leaders to build out a broad and deep portfolio of video supply. Our open video supply platform is designed to maximize choice and value for marketers to deliver their campaigns to video users. Today we are proud to share that LiveRail, SpotXchange,, Optimatic, SMARTSTREAM.TV, Fyber, and AerServ are all activated for clients to buy video inventory. These partners provide a broad range of video supply spanning diverse geographies, demographics, and device types to reach audiences across long-tail, mid-size, and premium inventory. Available impressions are at the scale of hundreds of billions of video impressions per month. As the video market expands, AppNexus will continue to build on its market position to drive efficiency and scale across an open, vibrant, and growing video ecosystem.

AppNexus’ video buying solution, currently in beta, is scheduled to be generally available to all buyers on the platform as of September 30, 2015. The product allows buyers to target campaigns for video ads by player size, playback method, and linear stream position (pre, mid, or post roll), integrates with a number of leading video SSPs in the industry, provides video reporting and analytics, delivers an extensive API upon which developers can add value, and combines programmatic video with managed video supply.

We are looking forward to next steps with clients and partners to continue to build a better video Internet.


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