AppNexus Announces Transacting on Viewability


Viewability has been a hot topic in the ad tech industry for years, but what does it really mean? And, until recently, why has it been so challenging to ensure that buyers spend money on ads that consumers actually see?

When you open a webpage, your content loads, along with a couple of (hopefully relevant and useful) ads. Just as a newspaper’s prime real estate is above-the-fold, the best place for an ad to be served is within the frame of your monitor, where you can actually see it (in other words, where it’s viewable). But what about the ads at the extreme bottom of the page, which you rarely scroll far down enough to see? Or the ads off to the far right, outside your monitor’s range? These ads are often non-viewable. Historically, when advertisers bought ads, there was no way to know whether they were buying ads that would be viewed by people (rather than sitting at the bottom or side of a page, out of sight). Sure, it was possible to use manual reconciliation, whereby third-party technologies identified non-viewable ads after they’d been served, and buyers were reimbursed for non-viewable impressions on a weekly or monthly basis. But the technology wasn’t in place to ensure that buyers were purchasing viewable inventory in real time — in other words, technology that could ensure that advertisers only paid when they had a real opportunity to influence consumers.

One of the many benefits of AppNexus’ buying platform is the option to transact exclusively on viewable impressions, via the AppNexus Deals Marketplace. Buyers can now elect to pay only for viewable ads, as determined by Alenty technology. AppNexus’ groundbreaking technology is the industry’s first seamless solution, offered in real time, before an ad is even served. Further, it works on any publisher using pre-bid (unlike Google, which enables viewable buying only on the Google Display Network*).

Resolving this longstanding challenge fundamentally changes the ad tech ecosystem. It establishes greater trust between buyers and sellers; it empowers publishers to achieve greater monetization of their content; and it allows advertisers to pay only for ads that are viewed by people, thus delivering better and more efficient campaign results. Ultimately, transacting on viewability ensures that consumers will enjoy quality content powered by quality advertising, taking us one step closer to a better Internet.

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*Marketing Land, September 30, 2015


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