What can context do for traders?

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Have you ever walked in on someone telling a joke and only heard the punchline? Without context, important content can become meaningless. At AppNexus, we share a sense for the importance of context, and it’s a constant goal of ours to provide context for Console users. That’s why we’ve built Visual Success, a tool to help traders manage their line items, better.

A trader starts their day with a laundry list of line items that need monitoring. It’s rarely a short list, and it’s not where a trader wants to get bogged down.
Is your CPA hitting goal?
How’s your pacing?
How about your margin?
Seeing the raw numbers is a start, but in order to move quickly through the list, traders need a way see those numbers in the context of both history and their advertiser’s goals. Only then can they know which line items need the most attention.

Visual Success helps traders quickly visualize delivery, performance, and margin throughout a line item’s flight to give them the context they need. From that visual narrative, traders can quickly assess line item health and infer what to do next.

Knowing how to fix a line item can be tricky. However, seeing key metrics like delivery, performance, and margin evolve over time helps traders know when and how to intervene.

For example, Visual Success makes it easier to know if the changes you made yesterday brought you closer to your goal today. Take the case of under-delivery. One way to help a campaign deliver more impressions might be to raise the bid. Traders who do so, however, run the risk of simply paying more for the same impressions they were already winning. With Visual Success, it’s easy to see if an increased bid yesterday is leading to more delivery today or just a lower margin.

Armed with additional context, traders will be able to identify and invest in the biggest opportunities for improvement and ultimately manage the overall campaign to greater success.

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