AppNexus, Millennial Media and the Future of Programmatic Mobile

The future of media is mobile, and the future of mobile advertising is programmatic. According to a report published by Magna Global in Q3 2013, 68% of mobile display was traded programmatically in 2013, and it is forecasted to rise to 88% by 2017.

At AppNexus, we see this trend in action every day through our partnership with Millennial Media and the Millennial Media Exchange (MMX).  Today, more than 180 buyers are live in more than 40 countries on MMX, taking advantage of its premium inventory and high-value audiences.

There are other exciting ways we are working with Millennial Media to enhance the mobile programmatic experience. For example, we are bridging the gap between mobile and the desktop to create seamless messages for consumers that operate across devices. Julienne Thompson, VP of Programmatic at Millennial Media, posted a blog on how MMX and AppNexus are helping buyers capitalize on this behavior. With cross-screen technology integrated into AppNexus, advertisers can now leverage their desktop data for targeting those same users on mobile devices.

We’re hosting a joint event with Millennial Media at AppNexus today, Monday, May 19, from 4:00 – 6:30 pm to share more about our mobile programmatic future.  The discussion will include key strategies for building a robust programmatic mobile strategy, the state of mobile programmatic, and how buyers are successfully integrating programmatic mobile into their plans.   We encourage you to join us by registering here.  Hope to see you there.

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